5 Biggest Takeaways from Ijeoma Oluo at WOMEN’S WAY Book Prize

By M. K. Fain

Last night, on Monday March 4th, WOMEN’S WAY awarded their 11th Annual Book Prize to Ijeoma Oluo, author of “So You Want to Talk About Race.” The celebration took place at the Comcast Technology Center, with over 100 people in attendance. A discussion with Oluo took place after the ceremony, moderated by NBC10 anchor Erin Coleman.

Oluo’s particular combination of radical candor and wit allows to her bridge the racial divide in conversations in a unique way. In a diverse room full of women of many races and ages, Coleman and Oluo expertly led the group through an emotional, challenging, and inspiring journey on one of the toughest topics facing America today: race.

Here are the five biggest takeaways from a night that won’t soon be forgotten:

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