“Confronting White Supremacy” Diane Cornman-Levy and Myra Brown on Philly CAM

On April 14th, WOMEN’S WAY Chief Disruptor, Diane Cornman-Levy and WOMEN’S WAY Board Vice Chair, Myra Brown, sat down at PhillyCAM for a live-streamed conversation about anti-racism, white supremacy, and their journey to overcome racism. This must watch segment will be aired on PhillyCAM’s network throughout June.

Some of the questions addressed included:

How do you and WOMEN’S WAY define white supremacy?

How is racial equity central to the mission of advancing gender equity?

How do you use your white privilege to champion racial equity in the organization and outside the organization?

How do you process and accept your own development of racial identity?

What do you recommend to white women and leaders to foster racial equity?

Moderated by:

Myra Brown, WOMEN’S WAY Board Vice Chair

Watch the full segment here