A nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of women, girls, and gender equality.

Our Mission

To inspire and mobilize the community to invest in organizations and leaders that will advance the rights of and opportunities for women and girls, and achieve gender equality for all.

Our Values

At WOMEN’S WAY, our core principles will guide all the work we do. We promise to: build a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive community; honor each person’s right to enjoy unfettered access to opportunity; shape and assess all our strategies through the lens of intersectionality; pursue solutions that are more effective, efficient, just, and innovative; and be responsive to our community, environment, and resources to hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability.

mission in action

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We connect and build a community of donors, volunteers, activists, and organizations dedicated to women, girls and gender equality issues.


We empower organizations and individuals to speak out and take action to support equal opportunity for women, girls, and gender equality.


We invest in organizations and leaders that work to advance the rights and opportunities for women and girls, and achieve gender equality through grantmaking and other forms of capacity building.

For the past 40 years

WOMEN’S WAY has been inspiring, mobilizing, and uniting organizations, generations, and individuals to cultivate high-impact philanthropy across the Greater Philadelphia region to accomplish gender equality for all.

Louise Page and Margaret Bacon, two friends living in Philadelphia,

become inspired by the works of women who had come generations before them. Together, these two women begin to conceptualize uniting women in Philadelphia in support of women’s issues and causes that were at the time seen as unconventional.


Seven different Philadelphia-based organizations

dedicated to women’s issues band together in what is known as the “Women’s Coalition,” later named WOMEN’S WAY. They unite their resources to establish a greater capacity for advocacy and fundraising.


WOMEN’S WAY holds our first annual Powerful Voice Awards,

honoring Coretta Scott King with our first Lucretia Mott Award.


WOMEN’S WAY is denied membership to United Way

because our member organizations included those that were committed to reproductive rights and contraceptive counseling. WOMEN’S WAY decides to stay together as an organization, standing strong in support of women’s and girls’ rights.


WOMEN’S WAY holds our first national conference in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Constitution

to discuss women’s evolving status under the Constitution. Speakers included Ellen Goodman, Gloria Steinem, Yolanda King, and 80+ more notable figures.


WOMEN’S WAY establishes our Young Women’s Initiative

to provide opportunities for young women in their early 20s to 40s, recognizing the need for young leaders in order to sustain the organization.


WOMEN’S WAY publishes the report "A Change of Pace: Accelerating Women’s Progress"

in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, assessing women’s socioeconomic standing in Philadelphia.



to ensure the passing of the Human Trafficking Prevention, Act 105.


WOMEN’S WAY launches a new strategic plan

with four strategic goals to direct our efforts and investments over the next four years.


WOMEN’S WAY celebrates our 40th anniversary Powerful Voice Awards,

honoring 40 inspiring individuals who helped advance our work and mission