WOMEN’S WAY has put over 23 million dollars to work in the Philadelphia region.

Over the past 40 years

WOMEN’S WAY has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and their families through our grantmaking efforts. By seeding, supporting, and leading an array of efforts here in our region, we are working toward ensuring affordable health care access and protecting reproductive rights; empowering leadership; implementing systems change in responding and preventing domestic violence; and achieving equal opportunity and economic security for women and girls everywhere.


Grant Impact

Shared Safety

A $240,000 three-year grant to Women Against Abuse, Women Organized Against Rape, and Women’s Law Project, for their collaborative efforts to implement a project that propels systematic change in the way the City and State identify and respond to domestic violence.

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Women’s Medical Fund

Women’s Medical Fund works to make sure that no woman is unable to make the choice she knows is right for her, simply due to lack of funds. The financial barriers to abortion have been cited to be even more harmful to women than the legal barriers. WOMEN’S WAY’s grant provides financial support to 53 women seeking abortion access.

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HIAS PA provides legal and social services to the foreign-born regardless of religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. With respect to Safety, under its Interpersonal and Domestic Violence Project, HIAS provides legal assistance for women who qualify for immigration benefits under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) because they have been abused by a US citizen or permanent resident spouse. WOMEN'S WAY's grant helps HIAS to significantly sustain its Interpersonal and Domestic Violence Project at a time when funding for immigrant-focused work and VAWA is in serious jeopardy.

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Take Action Philly

A $5,000 grant to the Take Action Philly initiative, a group of legal organizations responding to threats to the rights of immigrants and refugees, many of whom are women and girls.

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Women’s Medical Fund is honored to receive this award from WOMEN’S WAY. We will use this grant to ensure abortion access for those most impacted by punitive political restrictions; this support will help us to plan for the uncertain times ahead for access to abortion in this new political era.
Executive Director of Women’s Medical Fund
In a time where immigrant women and girls are in more danger than ever, we are so grateful for WOMEN’S WAY’s generous support of our work. Women all over the world are victimized based on their gender… This grant will be used toward immigration legal intervention, which allows immigrant victims of domestic violence the ability to obtain legal status so that they can work, become independent, and remain safely in the U.S. with their children.
Cathryn Miller-Wilson
Esquire, HIAS PA