Our fantastic staff & board members

Staff Members

Diane Cornman-Levy

Chief Disrupter
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Giftie Umo

Program Assistant, Gender Wealth Institute
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Imani Harris

Manager of Communications
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Kelly Sheard

Director of the Gender Wealth Institute
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Jessica Muslin

Associate Director
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Mary Scout

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Board Members

Adam B. Landau


Adrian Harris

Anita Lewis

Antoinette Lee

Ashlie Thornbury

Caitlyn Boyle

Celeste Collins

Cynthia Ritter

Board Chair

Don Forcey

Harvey Floyd II

Jennedy Johnson

Joanna Otero-Cruz

Joanne Shallcross

Katie Quinn


Laura Belmont

Linda Manfredonia

Mims Maynard Zabriskie

Dr. Monique Howard, MPH

Taina Estremera

Myra Brown