Moving towards change:

WOMEN’S WAY has been on a thoughtful journey to rediscover our roots and find our voice for the community. We have done a full assessment, listened to our community, and as a result, implemented a new strategic plan for WOMEN’S WAY.

WOMEN’S WAY Strategic Plan

WOMEN’S WAY is in the process of developing a new three-year (2024-2027) strategic plan in partnership with Dragonfly Partners. This updated plan will shape our vision, mission, theory of change, core values, guiding principles and strategic goals for our collective work over the next three years.  To learn more, click here.


The Strategic Plan for 2020-2023 is an outgrowth of the previous strategic plan and will guide our efforts to deepen and expand our impact as we work to achieve gender equity and justice. Four strategic goals will continue to direct our efforts and investments during 2020-2023.


Cultivate High Impact Philanthropy

Develop and support an engaged network of donors that invests in high impact philanthropy for women, girls, and gender equity.


Create Conditions for Organizations and Leaders to Thrive

Support learning, connections, and opportunities for organizations and leaders to pursue strategic, responsive, and innovative work for women, girls, and gender equity.


Build and Connect Our Community

Build and connect a community of donors, volunteers, activists, and organizations dedicated to women, girls, and gender equity issues.


Invest in Our Organizational Sustainability and Growth

Invest in the organization to build our strength as a resource for partners and donors.