About This Event:

Impostor Syndrome. So many women suffer from this affliction that it often seems as though everyone has a story of feeling unqualified, like we don’t belong in our positions, like we’re going to be “found out,” even when the truth is that we’ve earned our places and our credentials speak for themselves. Why do we do this to ourselves and how can we break this cycle and gain the confidence we need to not feel like we constantly have to prove our worth to others, AND to ourselves.

The WOMEN’S WAY Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) and Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR) are bringing together a diverse panel of high-achieving women for an honest and open discussion tackling this topic, exploring what societal factors cause it to affect so many of us, and discussing how to change the narrative and conquer impostor syndrome for good.

Wine and light bites provided!

Confirmed panelists
Liz Brown, Founder @ Design Jawn
Melissa Ivone, Director of Marketing @ Curalate
Doreen Mosher, Client Director @ Korn Ferry
Jasmine Sessoms, Founder + CEO @ She Can Win

Want to submit a question before the event? Email your question to: jmuslin@womensway.org with “Impostor Syndrome Question” in the Subject