Gun Violence in Philadelphia is a Feminist Issue

By: Farwa Zaidi

When we think of feminism, often the issues that first come to mind are reproductive rights, the wage gap, voting rights, etc. An issue that may not be as obvious to many is gun violence. You may be wondering how gun violence is a feminist issue or thinking that women have enough battles to fight without also taking on the NRA. But like it or not, gun violence needs to be at the forefront of intersectional feminism today- especially in Philadelphia.

According to different sources, gun violence in Philadelphia has increasingly targeted Black women over the past few years. As of May 2021, eighty-three women had been shot and killed in Philadelphia, with sixty-six of those being Black women. Since 2015, the number of shooting victims who are women have increased by over 50%. Gun violence on its own is a dangerous issue in the city, and young Black women have increasingly become targets. Black trans women are also common targets for violence, with 2020 being the deadliest year on record for murders within this community. Forty-four Black trans women were killed in Philadelphia last year, and thirty-seven so far this year

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