Introducing: The Gender Wealth Institute

Amidst COVID-19’s devastating economic impact on women, we are excited to announce the launch of the Gender Wealth Institute (GWI), the newest evolution of the Women’s Economic Security Initiative (WESI)!

“The pandemic has brought to the forefront the devastating ways in which economic injustice impacts the lives of women. We disproportionately shoulder the burdens for entire systems and it is entirely unjust to frame the conversation in ways that stigmatize those most impacted. The time is always right to disrupt the status quo and create new realities that offer dignity, safety, and real opportunities for all women. I am thrilled to join WOMEN’S WAY as the Director of the Gender Wealth Institute and look forward to linking arms as we chart our way forward.” – Kelly Sheard, the Director of the Gender Wealth Institute

The Gender Wealth Institute strives to close the gender wealth gap in the Greater Philadelphia region by advancing research and practical solutions that build wealth for women who are economically insecure. Over the next five years, the GWI will build the capacity of more than 600 organizations to positively impact the economic security of 100,000 women in the Philadelphia region. This will be accomplished through learning (convening stakeholders including women with lived experience of economic hardship, sharing insights, and developing potential solutions), scaling (pilot testing, collaborating, coordinating, and building capacity), and influencing (publishing, creating data repositories, disseminating information, and inspiring others).

Five priorities areas of intervention include:

  1. Strengthen Financial Capability of Women and Girls
  2. Change Mental Models through Changing Narratives
  3. Increase Representation of Women and Girls in Positions of Leadership and Influence
  4. Build a Repository of Data and Stories to Inform Practice and Advocacy
  5. Educate stakeholders on the drivers of the Gender Wealth Gap and how to close the gap

Learn more about the Gender Wealth Institute here.