WOMEN’S WAY Receives Grant to Advance the Financial Health of Women in the Philadelphia Region

WOMEN’S WAY has teamed up with JPMorgan Chase’s Women on The Move to positively impact the economic security of women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals

Philadelphia, PA (April 13, 2023) WOMEN’S WAY is excited to announce its collaboration with JPMorgan Chase to build the wealth and financial health of women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals in the Greater Philadelphia region. The initiative brings together the expertise of WOMEN’S WAY, Philadelphia’s leading nonprofit agency dedicated to advancing gender and racial equity, and JPMorgan Chase’s Women on the Move initiative, which works to fuel women’s ambitions and advance financial equity across the nation.

In the Philadelphia region, women aged 18-44 are the largest demographic group living in poverty.¹ Addressing the financial health of women is more critical now than ever following the economic recession in 2020 (due to COVID-19) that worsened the already tenuous financial reality of many women. To address this challenge, a grant from JPMorgan Chase will enable WOMEN’S WAY to bolster initiatives that will advance research and practical solutions to build wealth and economic security in the region.

“We believe that economic justice is crucial to our work to advance gender and racial equity,” said Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor at WOMEN’S WAY. “With support from JPMorgan Chase, WOMEN’S WAY is more strongly positioned to build a region where all women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals can thrive.”

The collaboration will focus on a range of strategies to help build wealth and financial health, including the WOMEN’S WAY Financial Coach Training Program, an initiative that improves financial health by providing access to personalized financial coaching, as well as the WOMEN’S WAY Gender Wealth Index, a large-scale regional research campaign to identify and address key drivers of gender wealth inequity.

“We’re committed to supporting women in our communities to ensure they have equal opportunities to thrive,” said Sam Saperstein, Managing Director and Global Head of Women on the Move at JPMorgan Chase. “In collaboration with WOMEN’S WAY, we’re pleased to help provide solutions to advance financial equity in the Greater Philadelphia region.”

Women on the Move is JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to provide women with opportunities to succeed in their professional and personal lives. The initiative focuses on fueling women’s ambitions and advancing financial equity by expanding women-run businesses, improving women’s financial health, advancing women’s career growth and supporting women and girls in communities globally.


To learn more about the WOMEN’S WAY Gender Wealth Institute, please visit womensway.org/gwi.

To download our press release, click here. For media inquiries, please contact WOMEN’S WAY Manager of Communications at mrodriguez@womensway.org.