Recap: Closing the Gender Wealth Gap Forum: Dismantling White Supremacy

WOMEN’S WAY understands that no gender equity discussion is complete without discussing the impact of race. To achieve true liberation for all, the intersections of gender and race must be addressed in efforts of creating concrete solutions to dismantle systemic racism and sexism which are both products of white supremacy. On January 19th, we held the Closing the Gender Wealth Gap Forum: Dismantling White Supremacy, a virtual discussion on systematic racism, bias, effective allyship, and what you can do to be actively anti-racist. View the full video recording below.

Moderated by:

Deidre Ashton, LCSW: Racial Justice Psychotherapist/Consultant


Diane Cornman-Levy: Chief Disruptor, WOMEN’S WAY

Ally Richman: Chief Operating Officer, William Way LGBT Community Center

Kelly Croce Sorg: Founder, The Opt-In

***Please note, our panelists all identify as White women. This was intentional to ensure emotional labor is not put on those who identify as Black when discussing white supremacy and how to actively become anti-racist.


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