Closing the Gender Wealth Gap Forum Recap: Let’s Start at the Beginning – Understanding Wealth and Power

The origins of wealth and power in the United States go hand in hand and continue to fuel the gender and racial wealth gap today. Why do we have an economic system today where 1% of the population holds 47% of the nation’s wealth (held predominantly by white Christian, heterosexual men) and the bottom 80% holds 9% of the nation’s wealth (many of whom are women of color)?

The disproportionate distribution of wealth and power that we see was built on the United State’s exploitation of deeply marginalized populations, who statistically, benefit from it the least. Without an understanding of the systems, policies, and structures that have disproportionately distributed wealth and power along gender and racial lines, we will not be effective in closing the gender wealth gap today.

It’s time to discuss how to break this cycle and build an economic system that works for all people.

Looking for a place to start to better understand the gender wealth gap? See below for a full recording of our January Closing the Gender Wealth Gap Forum: “Let’s Start at the Beginning – Understanding Wealth and Power.”

Moderated by:
Alicia Atkinson, MPP – Managing Director of Financial Empowerment, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Panelists Include:
Ace Moody – Lead Racial and Ethnic Justice Community Organizer, Community Action Lehigh Valley
Dr. Onaje Muid, DSW, MSW, CADC, LMHC – The Fatherhood Coordinator, The Foundation for Delaware County
Tiffany Younger, MSSP – Scientist, Activist, Professor


Ready to take action? For actionable items, learning tools, and more check out this resource document!

Presentation slides from the event can be found here. See below for a full recording of the event.