Stand against Anti-Asian Racism and Violence

On Tuesday March 16, a gunman in Atlanta killed 8 people, the majority of whom were Asian, and six of whom were women. This violent and dreadful attack demonstrates the deadly implications of racism and hatred towards Asian Americans that have been on the rise as a direct result of harmful rhetoric surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, but also throughout the history of anti-Asian discrimination in the United States.

When doing anti-racism and activism work, we MUST include the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. It’s up to all of us to speak up, spread awareness and stop AAPI hate. We urge everyone in our community to stand up and support AAPI communities. Below are a number of resources to help you educate yourself, speak up, talk to children, and fight anti-Asian racism and white supremacy.


In Solidarity with the Asian American Community

Anti-Asian Violence Resources (includes mental health resources, learning information, petitions, donations, statistics, and more)

61 Ways to Donate and Support Asian American communities

Supporting AAPI Communities