Features the WOMEN’S WAY Inaugural Gender Wealth Summit

The Inaugural Gender Wealth Summit was recently featured in an article by! View the article below to learn more about the Inaugural Gender Wealth Summit and how WOMEN’S WAY is fighting to close the gender wealth gap.


While many people have a decent understanding of the wage gap between genders, fewer people understand a deeper issue — a gender wealth gap — that persists.

It was the focus of Philly-based equality organization WOMEN’S WAY’S first Gender Wealth Summit on Friday Sept. 16 at Quorum. The nonprofit focuses on advancing gender and racial equity and creating opportunity for women and girls (including cisgender women, transgender women and femme-identifying people). It also aims to talk about the barriers women face when trying to gain wealth.

Kelly Sheard, director of the Gender Wealth Institute, said the motivation behind having the event was to “socialize” the idea of a gender wealth gap, which acknowledges that women face barriers to building wealth. This can look like being denied or overcharged for a mortgage, doing unpaid caregiving or labor, or being left out of financial decisions within the home, among other things.

“I think lots of folks understand a pay gap, but wealth is a little bit different when we’re talking about buffers and time of economic downturn,” she said. “And it feels really relevant in terms of where we are as a country economically because of the pandemic. Things feel heightened. But the truth is that sort of inequality has been really striking and persistent for women.”

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