WOMEN’S WAY is developing a Gender Wealth Index to better understand the gender wealth gap

Originally Published on October 10, 2023 by Sarah Huffman, Technical.ly. 

PHILADELPHIA (Technical.ly) – WOMEN’S WAY is on a mission to find out what factors impact the gender wealth gap through its research project, the Gender Wealth Index.

This research was the main topic of the second annual Gender Wealth Summit, hosted by the Philly organization. The index will track the status and trends of women’s wealth-generating experiences over time in the Philadelphia region.

Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor at WOMEN’S WAY, told Technical.ly there’s more data out there about the racial wealth gap than there is about the gender wealth gap. She said there also isn’t much data that considers both gender and race in the context of a wealth gap. WOMEN’S WAY wants to change that.

This spring, Women’s Way surveyed 409 women in the greater Philadelphia region — Philadelphia and the four suburban counties — over four weeks. WOMEN’S WAY consulted with women impacted by economic insecurity to review the survey and help shape the questions.

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