The Raise Round-Up Recap: Winners and Radio Show

On December 15th, we held the Raise Round-Up in partnership with Zenith Wealth Partners and Mom Your Business, where the 10 finalists of the competition came together to pitch their business for their chance at the grand prize of $50,000! A total of $150k was awarded to the top 5 finalists to help grow their business!

The finalists included:

1st Place: Angela McIver, President/Founder, Math Foundations, dba Trapezium Math – received $50,000

2nd Place: Ashley Brown, Founder/CEO, Sledge Scarves

3rd Place: Chrissy Watts, Curator/Owner, Philly Experiences

4th Place: Carla Clarkson, Creator/Owner, Honey Blowout

5th Place: Dr. Kimberly McGlonn, Founder/CEO, Grant Blvd

G-town Radio/92.9 FM Interview

Over the weekend, Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor of WOMEN’S WAY,  Jason Ray from Zenith Wealth Partners, and Tanya T. Morris from Mom Your Business were featured on G-town Radio/92.9 FM to discuss the competition! Listen to the taping here.