Diane Cornman-Levy & Kelly Sheard: Disruptors for Change

In this episode of Making Love & Designing the Future, host Jos Duncan Asé from Love Now Media interviews Kelly Sheard, Director of the Gender Wealth Institute, and Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor at WOMEN’S WAY. They discuss their personal journeys in nonprofit work and the innovative initiatives at WOMEN’S WAY to close the gender wealth gap, including the Change the Narrative Fellowship.

Kelly and Diane also delve into the importance of empathy and community in leadership while sharing insights on redefining wealth, confronting white supremacy, and building inclusive economic models. The conversation also touches on the critical role of self-care in social justice work and a vision for a more equitable future. Tune in below to be inspired by how they use design to implement powerful programs that produce transformative outcomes.

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