Explore the New Gender Wealth Gap Learning Module

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Gender Wealth Gap Learning Module, an innovative online resource aimed at dispelling five prevalent myths perpetuating wealth inequality and shedding light on the driving factors contributing to the gender wealth gap. As wealth inequality soars, and the gender wealth gap persists, this resource emerges as a valuable tool to challenge the myths and false narratives hindering progress towards a more equitable wealth landscape for women in Philadelphia.

The Gender Wealth Learning Module integrates findings from the Gender Wealth Index Research project – a comprehensive, mixed-methods research initiative focused on understanding the primary drivers of wealth inequality for women in Philadelphia. Going beyond statistics, the learning module incorporates compelling stories from six Philadelphia women, providing a human perspective on the systemic issues at play and their tangible, real-life impact.

Visitors to the learning module will encounter a dynamic and engaging experience, featuring audio narratives, interactive graphs, and a wealth of additional resources. Are you ready to explore?

Check out the Learning Module at genderwealth.org 

From WOMEN’S WAY Chief Disruptor, Diane Cornman-Levy:

“The launch of the Gender Wealth Gap Learning Module serves as a significant milestone in our commitment to closing the gender wealth gap. We believe that the single most effective place to drive positive change is at the level of mindset: the mind out of which the system arises. The paradigm. As such, systems change starts with changing the mindsets of stakeholders and it begins with understanding the narratives and myths that uphold and normalize our current economic system centered on extraction and exploitation. This resource is designed to do just that by educating stakeholders about these harmful myths and mobilizing partners to challenge them and strengthen alternative economic models centered in love, liberation, and inclusion.”

This project was brought to fruition by Working for Women with the generous support of global consulting firm ZS. Their shared commitment to raising greater visibility about issues that impact women’s economic mobility in the US has been instrumental in bringing the Gender Wealth Gap Learning Module to life.

Read our press release here.