Empowering Financial Well-Being: Introducing the Financial Wellness Program

Statistics reveal a staggering reality – 106 million people in the United States live in economically insecure households, with 49% of employed individuals concerned about their finances. For women, especially those in the nonprofit sector, economic insecurity is amplified, often earning below livable wages. In addition, financial stress seeps into work hours, impacting productivity and costing businesses thousands per employee each year.

In a nation where economic insecurity affects one in every three individuals, more concrete support is needed for those facing economic insecurity. Drawing on data and insights gathered over the past five years, the WOMEN’S WAY Gender Wealth Institute proudly presents the Financial Wellness Program (FWP), a new iteration of our Financial Coach Training Program (FCTP). The new Financial Wellness Program is not just a name change; it’s a strategic response to the pressing issue of economic insecurity faced by millions.

Program Objectives:
  • Improve the financial health of women and gender-expansive employees of nonprofits and members of grassroots organizations
  • Improve the emotional well-being of these employees by decreasing stress related to financial worry
  • Improve employee morale and job satisfaction
Inaugural Cohort:

Our first cohort, launched this fall, includes participants from organizations such as Lutheran Settlement House, HIAS PA, The Wardrobe, and the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Philadelphia Chapter (NACOPRW-Philadelphia).


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our lead investors, BLBB Charitable and Lincoln Financial Foundation, without whom this program would not be possible.

Get Involved:

Interested in bringing the financial wellness program to your company or organization? Contact Aathira Chennat, the GWI Program and Data Manager at achennat@womensway.org.

Want to sponsor this program or support our fundraising efforts? Please contact Diane Cornman-Levy, Chief Disruptor, at dcornmanlevy@womensway.org

To learn more, visit our Financial Wellness Program page.