A Missing Voice in Financial Services

By: Constance Sommer

In a recent article by Constance Sommer, the lack of women in the financial services industry is evaluated. This featured guest blog post highlights the biased systems in place that have kept women out of the financial system leading to disproportionate numbers of men dominating the field.

“If you’re a woman, the American financial system was not created for you. It was formed by men. It is run largely by men. And it is designed to complement a man’s life.

Consider this:

“When it comes to finance, it’s still mostly a man’s world out there,” said Lauren Bringle Jackson, a content marketing manager for Self Financial Inc., a fintech startup in Austin, Texas. “There are more barriers in our way in general. We make less on average, we’re more likely to have to take time off to care for children or other loved ones, we live longer yet have less saved for retirement so we’re more likely to outlive our savings – the list goes on.”

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