Diane Cornman-Levy Featured in 34th Street Magazine November Issue: “Philly’s Political Future”

Four Philadelphia public servants have already declared their candidacies in what’s shaping up to be a competitive 2023 mayoral election—and in a vast departure from a historically male mayorship, the majority of them are women. WOMEN’S WAY Chief Disruptor recently spoke with 34th Street Magazine for their November politics issue. Read on to hear more from Diane about the upcoming mayoral election in Philadelphia, barriers for women running for office, and why it is critical that we support and get more women into leadership positions.


The phone rings at one o’clock sharp, signaling an incoming call from Diane Cornman–Levy.

As the Chief Disruptor of WOMEN’S WAY, a Philadelphia–based nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women, girls, and gender equity, a typical day for Cornman–Levy includes hours of meetings on the docket. Finding time in her schedule for a 30–minute interview is a bit of a game of Tetris, she laughs. Still, she’s happy to make the time. The topic up for discussion is one that she’s been following quite closely herself: Philadelphia’s 2023 mayoral election.

“This [election] is an opportunity for our city to make real progress,” she says. “And it’s important that we recognize that.”

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